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First activate the enemies in the game by pressing a number 1-6. Each number corresponds to a different artificial intelligence type for the enemies.

Use mouse to control direction

W, S, A, D -- move ship up, down, left right

Left shift – use "boost" ability (briefly move faster)

Spacebar -- stop

Q and E -- roll left and right

F -- center camera on closest enemy

Left mouse button -- mouse look camera

R -- reset game, which also happens if you die (health displayed at top left corner)

The objective is to get points by flying through the pink sphere things.

--->>>> ALSO, THIS PART:

Please play the game a little bit with each AI type, and then rank them based on the below criteria:

How would you rank the AI types in terms of how interesting it was to play against them?

How would you rank them in terms of the challenge they presented?

How would you rank them in terms of apparent "lifelike" intelligence?

Please email your rankings, along with any comments you may have, to:



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